For those of you still sticking around for these posts, we're officially no longer homeless. Fran (Omholt), our agent, handed us the keys Friday along with numerous surprises: she provided everything necessary (dishes, towels, inflat-a-bed, sleeping bags, etc.) to enable us to crash in the new place Friday and also eat dinner there. Definitely look her up if you are in the market to buy/sell a house in the Greater Seattle Area. You will not regret it!!! Posted on Rudis.com

Call Fran Omholt today!

Between the two of us, making decisions on real estate has never been easy. We're both very picky, have exacting standards and expect a lot from our home as well as our agent. We want lots of options, fast answers and a good time when we are searching for a new place to park our couch, and that's why Fran has been our friend and agent, guiding us through the sale and purchase of 6 homes. Her sincerity, kindness, and patience has made it smooth and easy, and her understanding of our expectations has led us to great investment success each time we have purchased a new home. She is a great negotiator, an intent listener, and a fluent interpreter of the confused home buyer. Before Fran, we interviewed approximately 14 agents from the top 3 companies and were disappointed with every one. Some of our experiences were being sent to secondary assistants with little experience, used as bidding pawns in price wars and dialing numerous numbers and never receiving return phone calls. After all of those bad experiences, our neighbors suggested we call Fran, and just like them, were thrilled to find such a fun, professional, and knowledgeable real estate agent! Thanks to Fran, our home buying experience is a much easier and enjoyable one...what are you waiting for? Make your next home purchase fun and easy. Call Fran Omholt today!

Ed Campbell, James Green

Organized through the process

Dear Fran Thank you for all your support and helping me stay organized through the process of buying our home. You thought of everything and went out of your way to make it happen.

Joy W

Could not be happier!

Dear Frannie, There are no words to say how I feel. I thank you so much for all you did for my family and me. I voiced to you all my wants and needs and you even looked for something that I wasn't thinking of, a neighborhood that is child friendly. You looked out for all my needs and helped me get them. My family and I could not be happier! I know that when I decide to sell and look for a new home YOU will be the one and only person to help me once more on my new venture. Thanks so Much for everything!!


She is the best ever.

Dear Fran, Being a first time home-buyer we did not know what to expect, we did not know anyone, so we let our fingers do the walking and what a disaster. The first person, let's leave nameless, wouldn't go out at night, couldn't go on the week-end blah blah blah. We fired that person. A mortgage company suggested Fran Omholt, from the first meeting, she seemed to "connect" with us, made us feel comfortable, and helped us with everything, if we ever sell this house, I will call her again, I recommend her to everyone I talk to. She is the best ever. I will talk to you personally if you need to speak with me.

April G.

She is an excellent agent

Fran Omholt, was very professional, yet friendly. She was honest about sharing her opinions. We bought a home in Snoqualmie Ridge community and we are first time homebuyers. Obviously, being first time homebuyers, we had alot of questions and she worked with us, patiently answering to all our questions such that we understood the process. This not only made the complicated home buying process simple, but also helped us make right decisions. Thanks to Fran Omholt - she is an excellent agent to work with!

Satisfied Client

We are truly blessed to have met her!

Fran Omholt has been our personal realtor for several years. She is not only a respected professional within her industry, but also a remarkable person and valued friend. Our relationship developed since the first home we bought with Fran. Obviously, Fran loves what she does. All who come in contact with her can easily see her passion for her career. When our family was searching for a new house, Fran worked tirelessly to assist us in finding the perfect home. She did not hesitate to spend numerous hours previewing hundreds of properties. She would often go visit properties beforehand. Then, she´d make additional time to accompany us to the listings she felt was what we were looking for. Indeed, she valued our time and respected our price range so every viewing was well worth the occasion. When working with Fran, you would feel that you were her one and only priority. Fran is the best of the best! She is a devoted, thorough, hardworking, and caring individual. If you are seeking a real estate agent, we highly recommend Fran. You can put your trust in her hands. She will take the very finest care of you and your family. We are truly blessed to have met her!

Chuck and Jackie W

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